This is my central link hub for all of my stories and things related to other sites.

  • Between the Shelves
    • A Multiverse Fic starring How to Train Your Dragon charaters.
    • Hinsik has lived in his village for his whole life. So when a dragon rider comes to town, why does the egg he have feel so familiar?
  • In Sight, Out Of Mind
    • An Inside Out Fanfic
    • Riley has run away, Joy has been forgotten, and Sadness and Bing Bong have come up with a plan. There’s more to being an imaginary friend than poking around Long Term Memory, after all. Meanwhile, Joy has an in-body experience, and Disgust leaves Headquarters to find her coworkers. A Movie AU.
  • Antidepressant
    • An Inside Out Fanfic
    • Riley has always been a fairly sad kid, but as she moves to San Francisco with her father, her Joy has to try as hard as she can to keep Riley from dissolving at every provocation. It’s too bad the other emotions won’t let her near the console. A Movie AU.

  • Redeliverable
  • Times of their Lives
    • An MLP Fanfic
    • Time travel is complicated, requires a lot of power, and has horrible, horrible side effects. Unfortunately for Starlight, researching said problems beforehoof is next to impossible. Now she’s destroyed the world.
  •  Burst of Flame
    • An MLP Fanfic
    • Sunset had a friend, once. She didn’t know his parents, didn’t know where he lived, and didn’t even know his name. But he was willing to talk to her when others simply ignored or ridiculed. Then she got her cutie mark.
  • Burning Day

    • An MLP Fanfic
    • My name is Philomena. I have held many other names, but this one has stood the test of time. I can still remember when she gave it to me, and that in itself is a testament to its importance. I must tell my story, before I once again forget.


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