A collection of letters from Ponyville’s Old Mailmare.

A spinoff of Undeliverable by ocalhoun.

Written for ocalhoun’s Big 250k Contest.


Times Of Their Lives

Times of their Lives


Time Travel. I normally love it, so going into the Season Finale, I was pumped.

They got it… mostly right.

The time travel part is there, and the animation is great, but there was zero explanation as to how the spell actually worked.

In fact, I still have no idea, even after thinking about it for quite a while.

So, instead of writing a fic in which time travel is explained, I wrote a fic in which time travel is utterly broken.

Starlight is really in for it.

In Sight, Out Of Mind

In Sight, Out Of Mind


To be quite honest, I was fairly surprised when I went through the Fanfiction archive for Inside Out and could not find something – an AU where Riley runs away for real. So, I took it, mixed in a few other plots I had been ruminating over and *Bam!* Instant story!

I’m actually using a lot of my headcanon from my rant, so reading it might be helpful. However, I should explain most of it in story, so it is not required.

Between the Shelves

Between the Shelves

This is a project I was working on for several months. I have a lot of words in random documents detailing what kind of direction I want it to go.

However… I post it in really large chunks.

Thus, even if I did nothing but try and type out the next chapter, I would spend another couple of months on this, so don’t expect an update on this one for a long time.

But, I still think it’s worth a read.

I’ve set up a basis for a new Multiversal System that, if I ever finish this plot, will allow me to move on and drag other Universes on for the ride. It’s mostly an info dump, but still enjoyable based on the response I’ve gotten. Random ideas for the win!