Burning Day

Burning Day

Burning Day

Because Phoenixes are awesome.

A Philomena story about starting anew.


Burst of Flame

Burst of Flame

Burst of Flame


This hit me for absolutely no reason. I actually like Sunburst in the show (considering the fact that he had one line) but the irony behind this idea hit me full force, and I just had to write it.

Sunset had a friend, once.

Times Of Their Lives

Times of their Lives


Time Travel. I normally love it, so going into the Season Finale, I was pumped.

They got it… mostly right.

The time travel part is there, and the animation is great, but there was zero explanation as to how the spell actually worked.

In fact, I still have no idea, even after thinking about it for quite a while.

So, instead of writing a fic in which time travel is explained, I wrote a fic in which time travel is utterly broken.

Starlight is really in for it.